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What all are major Procurement Software's in Market?

Some popular procurement software solutions available in the market are:

  1. SAP Ariba: A cloud-based procurement and supply chain management solution that offers end-to-end procurement capabilities, supplier collaboration, sourcing, and contract management.

  2. Coupa: A cloud-based spend management platform that provides procurement, invoicing, expense management, sourcing, and contract management functionalities.

  3. Oracle Procurement Cloud: Part of Oracle's Cloud suite, it offers procurement automation, sourcing, supplier management, and analytics capabilities.

  4. JAGGAER: A comprehensive procurement suite with modules for supplier management, sourcing, contract management, procurement, and spend analytics.

  5. Ivalua: A cloud-based procurement and spend management platform with sourcing, procurement, supplier management, contract management, and analytics functionalities.

  6. GEP SMART: A unified procurement platform that offers sourcing, procurement, supplier management, contract management, and spend analysis capabilities.

  7. Tradeshift: A cloud-based platform that connects buyers and suppliers for procurement, invoicing, supplier management, and supply chain collaboration.

  8. BravoSolution: Part of the Jaggaer family, it offers sourcing and procurement solutions to help organizations optimize supplier relationships and costs.

  9. Basware: A procurement and financial management platform that includes procurement, invoice automation, and e-invoicing solutions.

  10. Proactis: Provides procurement, sourcing, supplier management, and spend management solutions to optimize procurement processes.

  11. SynerTrade: A digital procurement platform offering strategic sourcing, supplier management, and procurement functionalities.

  12. Zycus: Offers procurement, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, and spend analysis solutions.

Please note that the capabilities, features, and offerings of these procurement software solutions can vary, and it's essential to conduct thorough research, consider your organization's specific requirements, and evaluate demos or trials to choose the best-suited solution for your procurement needs.

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