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How to or can I find Job as a SAP Fresher? or Top 13 Tips to land 1st SAP job as a fresher or.

Finding a SAP fresher job requires a strategic approach and a combination of various job search methods. Here are some steps to help you fetch a SAP fresher job:

  1. Choose A SAP Module: Based on your Educational background, Interest, Experience and qualification choose a relevant SAP module. E.g. Accountant,,, CA, CMA can opt for SAP FICO / S/4 HANA Finance module, FSCM, Treasury. Don't get confuse with SAP multiple modules. Choose only 1 relevant to your Educational background, Interest, Experience and qualification. We can help you. For choosing module you can take help of us. Contact us at

  2. Get trained in chosen Module: Get training from Online or any experienced person or from SAP authorized center. Choose experienced trainer. I have seen a trend that people who just got trained start giving training immediate after their training is over. This kind don't have experience. Which is worst and they play with fresher person emotions, career and money. Choose trainer wisely. Before choosing a trainer check trainer experience, LinkedIn profile, syllabus they are covering. For Training enquiry contact us at

  3. Develop Relevant Skills: Ensure you have a solid foundation in SAP module chosen by you by acquiring relevant skills and knowledge. Take SAP certification courses and work on personal projects to demonstrate your expertise.

  4. Read and implement: Read SAP blogs, SAP documents and go through SAP old issues. While googling for SAP reading be wise before you read as google provide lot of content that confuses and may be false or half information.

  5. Build a Strong Resume: Create a well-structured resume that highlights your SAP skills, education, certifications, and any relevant projects or internships. Tailor your resume to match the requirements of the job you are applying for.

  6. Utilize Job Portals and Websites: Use popular job portals and websites to search for SAP fresher job openings. Upload your resume on these platforms and apply to relevant job postings. Some popular job portals include LinkedIn, Naukri and Monster.

  7. Network: Connect with professionals in the SAP industry through different network. Networking can help you gain insights, tips, and potential job leads.

  8. Leverage LinkedIn: Create a strong LinkedIn profile that highlights your SAP skills and job preferences. Join SAP-related groups, Recruiter, SAP companies group and follow companies you are interested in to stay updated on job openings.

  9. Reach Out to Consultancies: Many SAP consultancies hire freshers for entry-level positions. Reach out to these consultancies and express your interest in SAP job opportunities. They may have projects that require junior SAP consultants. DO NOT PAY ANY AMOUNT TO ANY CONSULTANCIES OR COMPANY FOR HELPING YOU TO FIND A JOB OR FOR SHARING YOUR CV TO ANY COMPANY OR FOR LANDING YOU A FALSE JOB IN WHICH COMPANY OR CONSULTANCY WILL PROMISE YOU TO PAY YOU AFTER 3 OR MORE MONTHS BUT 1ST WILL SEEK SOME AMOUNT FROM YOU. AMOUNT TO CONSULTANCIES ARE PAID BY COMPANY IF THEY HIRE YOU. SOME FAKE CONSULTANCIES WILL CHARHE 1000 INR OR LESS OR FEW MORE BUCKS which is little amount for you but as a scammer they get 8 to 10 candidate per day and collect good amount by considering that for 1000 INR OR SOME MORE AMOUNT you will not open a case and will not follow-up OR WILL NOT SUICIDE.

  10. Be Open to any location: Be open to any location. Location becomes biggest hurdle for freshers job.

  11. Interview preparation: Prepare 60 to 70 SAP interview questions. Take interview questions book help, search questions on some company portal or institute using google. While googling for SAP reading be wise before you read as google provide lot of content that confuses and may be false or half information. For Mock interview contact us at

  12. Volunteer or Freelance: Consider offering your SAP skills on a freelance basis or as a volunteer to gain hands-on experience and build your portfolio.

  13. Stay Persistent and Positive: Job hunting can be challenging, especially for fresher positions. Stay persistent, apply to multiple opportunities, and remain positive throughout the process.

Remember that landing a SAP fresher job might take some time and effort. Continue to learn and enhance your skills while actively seeking opportunities. As you gain experience and build your reputation in the SAP community, your chances of securing a desirable position will increase. For Training Enquiry and Mock SAP interview Get in Touch at:

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