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Advantage and Disadvantage of Selective Data Transition to S/4HANA Method


● Combines the benefits of system conversion and reimplementation (for example, replacement of an account solution by a ledger solution, or the introduction of document split).

● Process re-design and Process re-use Combination (for example, sales application redesign or financial application reuse).

● New Function Introduction in the implementation E.g. Ledger solution, document splitting etc.

● Historical data Selective transfer (for example, only data from the last two or Three years, only data from certain company codes).

● Consolidation of multiple ECC systems into one system.

● Near Zero Downtime (NZDT) can be used if needed.


● No Finance History-Migration (table level migration) is possible when changing from an account-based Approach to a ledger-based Approach in combination with introducing document split. Only the posting approach is possible.

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